Current report on the litigation status with ANAF

Tue, 11/14/2023 - 10:58

Significant event to be reported: Information on the significant litigation

The Company Alum S.A. informs investors and all the persons who may be interested that, after having carried out a control by ANAF, DGFP Galati through AJFP Constanta, by which additional payment obligations were established for the company in the amount of 19.67 million RON,obligations paid by company, according to the provisions of the control act since 2020, filed an appeal against the tax decision, and the latter was almost entirely accepted by the court of first instance, the Appeal Court of Constanța, according to the information available on the court portal, the court ordering the restitution to Alum of an amount of about 18.2 million RON out of the total of about 19.67 million RON that was the subject of the tax act.

The solution can be appealed by ANAF.

The company considers the tax decision to be groundless and illegitimateand will defend its position by all legal means at its disposal.


 Gheorghe Dobra                                                                              Mihaela Duralia

 Chairman of the Board of Directors                                              Financial Director

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